Monday, 10 April 2017

Contents of Death Flight: Apartheid's Secret Massacre

Fort Rev Special Forces Base, Ondangwa, South-West Africa, 1988 (c) Gert Pienaar

I have only just begun project planning for this new book and documentary film, but this is what the contents page looks like at this stage. It involves the first-ever in-depth investigation into Operation Dual, the drugging at Fort Rev (above) and dumping from light aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean over 1979-1987 of some 200 members of the South West African People's Organisation by an apartheid military death-squad that was sequentially named Delta 40, then Barnacle, then the Civil Co-operation Bureau.



Introduction: Forensic Meditation

Chapter 1

Dirty War: Terror and Counterterror

Chapter 2
Antecedents: A Brief History of Death Flights, 1947-1983

Chapter 3
Loadmasters: Rhodesia & Mozambique, 1978

Chapter 4
Starting the Engine: The Formation of Delta 40, 1979

Chapter 5
Flight Path: The Trajectory of Operation Dual, 1979-1987

Chapter 6
Terminal: The Aftermath, 1988-2002

Appendix A: D40/Barnacle/CCB Chains of Command

Appendix B: Maps and Op Dual Flight Plans

Appendix C: Index